Tiera K Maile

India was so great! Some of my favorite parts were: learning about the values and beliefs such as the temples and different gods, aligning inner chakras, yoga, meditation, the symbolism behind many traditions, etc. All of these things made me feel calm, peaceful and enlightened. I loved the clothes and jewelry so much, they were very beautiful, colorful and elegant. The food was delicious and I am so glad I got to try a variety of different foods during my time here. I also liked learning that there are so many different languages and cultures within India itself.

Kamala Karuppiah

This program has definitely made an impact on my personal life and professional life. I have learned a lot about some practices and unsaid cultural rules about the country of my heritage. With that being said, I feel like now I am equipped to be flexible and adaptable in other work settings in other cultures because I now truly understand what having an open mind means. Personally, I feel like I have grown a lot as a person. My main takeaway from SVYM is to be grateful and not waste what you have. I will be taking that lesson with me for a lifetime. Moreover, I have also learned a lot about social work and social service. I am a huge advocate for community service, but volunteering for a public school is very different from dedicating your entire life to working with tribal communities and for the betterment of the society.

Natasha Zarrin

This program has certainly made an impact on my professional and personal life. On the professional side, I have learned to be more confident, I've gained knowledge within the medical field and practiced valuable communication and public speaking skills. The challenges I've faced and how I've overcome them has taught me valuable life lessons which I will carry with me beyond the program. Additionally, the personal connections that I've made with my mentors, staff, and peers is something I will never forget. Both the cultural and professional experiences I've had has broadened my horizons and helped me grow not only as a future physician but also as a global citizen.

Claire Qian

Yes. Not only has this program vastly widened my perspective on grassroots leadership but it has also inspired me to further pursue nonprofit and public interest work in my career and personal life.


I think that beyond all of the amazing knowledge I gained on Carnatic music, I learned so much about life, my purpose, and my goals. I finally had the space to think about my life and that was something that I know has changed my way of viewing the world forever.


It’s really hard to pick one greatest. I learned how to take things in stride and proceed through adversity with equanimity. I had some of the most challenging music lessons I’ve had in my life and grew so much as a musician because of it. I learned that many amenities like hot water, laundry dryers, and cutlery aren’t necessary for me to have a happy and fulfilling life. These and so much more!

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Dec 03, 2020

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Oct 14, 2019

2017 ILR India GSL at SVYM

Nov 06, 2017

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