A Cultural evening with Folk Dances

A Cultural evening with Folk Dances

VIIS Mysuru ,29 March 2023

       Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies organized a memorable cultural evening under the theme “Folk Dances of Karnataka” to the participants from Cornell university. It also marked the validictory event of Argumentation and Debate Workshop which was organsied in collaboration with ILR school Cornell University.
        Accomplished artists from Nrthiyagiri school of performing arts , Mysuru showcased the expression of life of a farmer, the festivals and a tribute to motherhood through the dance forms- Negila, Maari, Kamsale and Maate. Each presentation had a judicious mix of Nritya- the pure dance, the rhythum and Abhinaya - the story-telling and enacting the lyric.
         Vidushi Kripa Phadke and her students not only received appreciation and applause from the distinguished audience but also joined the young dancers for the final performance
        Parents and all the SVYM staff Mysuru joined the ensuthsiastic audience for the colourful evening

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