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Health and Medicine in India

Health and Medicine in India

VIIS Mysuru ,29 March 2023

       The “Health and Medicine in India” program at VIIS for the University of Minnesota stole the limelight in January as the new year 2023 was ushered-in. The two week program for 9 pre-med students hosted from Dec 31st 2022 to Jan 14th 2023 was led by Dr. Kathleen Ann Culhane-Pera Dr. Karin Elizabeth Hamilton, and Amy Caitlin Garwood Faculty members at the University of Minnesota. The Pre Health Student Resource Centre of University of Minnesota has been partnering with VIIS for the last 13 years through this program with the objective of understanding the social influences on public health & medicine while providing a platform to compare both general and public health perspectives of India and the United States. Apart from the academic sessions on the health care in India, NGO’s role in health care delivery, Bioethics & research and others, the students took up field visits to public and private hospitals besides visiting some heritage sites for the “India Experience”.-

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