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Ramayana Shabdam

Ramayana Shabdam

VIIS Mysuru ,29 March 2023

       The Bharatanatyam version of the grand epic “Ramayana” by students of Nrithyagiri School of Performing Arts led by Vidushi Kripa Phadke amused the students of University of Minnesota students apart from a sort of aesthetic test of collective abilities to remember the basic story of Ramayana narrated in the class room.
        The dance description encompassed interesting stories of Seetha Swayamvaram-the ceremonious wedding celebration of Seetha, Maaya mareecha-the disguise of demon Mareecha as a golden deer, Harinaabhisaranam-the glorious chase of the deer by Lord Rama, Seethapaharanam- the abduction of Seetha by the demon king Ravana and Anjaneyavrittantham-Lord Anjaneya, the ardent devotee of Lord Rama playing a pivotal role in reuniting Rama and Seetha.
        Vidushi Kripa, being a prolific artist is the Director of Nrithyagiri Academy of performing arts and Research Centre and has conceived, conceptualized, choreographed and glorified this thought-provoking dance form.

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