Vivekananda Lecture Series at VIIS 2022

Vivekananda Lecture Series at VIIS 2022

VIIS Team ,15 February 2022

       160 years of inspiration - a year-long celebration of the “lion among men”-Swami Vivekananda and his message that continues to resonate with all Indians…
        On the occasion of Swami Vivekananda's Birth Anniversary, Vivekananda Lecture Series has been conceived by VIIS and is being rolled out - a series of 12 lectures starting with the inaugural lecture on January 12, 2022, followed by a lecture on the 12th of every month, January through December 2022.
        The inaugural lecture was held on January 12, 2022, where we have Sri Guru Rohit Arya; Yogi, Author, Polymath Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Mythologist, and Vibrant Speaker, who spoke on the theme: “Vivekananda, a retrospective analysis of his message and its relevance today”
        This was followed by the second in the series on February 12th with Dr. R Balasubramaniam, Founder SVYM, speaking on the theme “ Vivekananda and the intersection of Science, Spirituality and Service.

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