Summer Studies in India Program

Summer Studies in India Program

Admin ,18 September 2018

       The Summer Studies in India Program was led by Faculty Supervisor Mr. Paul Del Motte, faculty member at Mount Allison University. 6 students participated for the duration of 7weeks from May, 21st to July 7th, 2018. The three major courses studied by the students included Culture &Civilization of India, Gender in India & Science, and Technology & Sustainable Development in India. The highlights of the program is a weeklong trip to the historical and cultural sites belonging to 6th to 16th Century of North Karnataka. The places included Badami, Ihole, Pattadkal, Hampi& Bijapur. In the end of the course, the students wrote term papers and some of the highlighting topics are as follows.
        ● Ayurveda History and Its Relation to Vedic/Hindu Influences
        ● The Garment Industry’s Impact on women in Indian Society
        ● Love and Despair Across Cultures: The Unique Challenges of NRI wives abroad and Foreign Women Married to Indian Men
        ● Cultural Beliefs and Women’s Social Participation in Japan and India
        ● The Unsustainability of Gentrification in India: The Need for Sustainable Urbanization for People, not for Profit Contexts
        ● Trickle-Down Corruption and its Effect on the Indian Economy, Environment and Politics

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