Internship Program, 2019-University of IOWA

Internship Program, 2019-University of IOWA

VIIS ,23 August 2019

       VIIS hosted a seven week Internship program for a group of four undergraduate students, Cassandra Handley, Emma Sillman, Meghan Lindell & Taylor Digmann led by Jeanine P.Abrons, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy from University of Iowa, USA. During the first week of their stay, students opted for classroom sessions to enhance their understanding about the diverse culture and traditions of India, Political & Economic situation, Sustainable development and Health care system in India. They also explored some historical sites in and around Mysuru. They also went on field visits to Government Hospital, Comprehensive Care, Support & Treatment for Person with Disability Program, and the Self Help Group outlet.
         Following are the internship projects, the students were involved.
        Name: Taylor Digmann
        Mentors: Ms.Fathima Mary, Assistant Director, SEEP & Health, SVYM
         Mr. Krishna.S, Project Coordinator, Prerepana Project
        Project involved: Assessing the Impact of vocational training in selected slums facilitated by the SVYM Program
        Name: Emma Sillman
        Mentor: Dr. Manohar Prasad, Sr. Manager, Research, VMH Sargur
        Project involved: Developed a survey protocol to examine pregnant women’s knowledge, attitudes, and practices
        Name: Meghan Lindell
        Mentor: Mr. Mahadevaswamy, Sr. Manager, VILD Foundation
        Project involved: Nutrition and Diet Among Self-Help Group Members
        Name: Cassandra Handley
        Mentor: Ms. Vani Hegde, Documentation Officer, CCST-PWDs, SVYM
        Project involved: Manual for barrier free environment and rehab. emporium for persons with disabilities.

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