Declaration by the Resident

All residents are required to sign this online Residence Agreement within 24 hours of arriving at the hostel. The agreement is for the entire duration of stay of a resident that begins upon arrival at the Organization. Residents are also subject to the Organization’s codes of Resident conduct.

The Resident signs a contact with the Organization that he/she, in the interest of the resident and of the Organization:

* Will observe and abide by residence rules and regulations and all amendments to these rules and regulations that the Organization may make from time to time whether before or after the date of this agreement. The Resident agrees that such rules and regulations form part of this agreement and are binding on the parties as if they were incorporated herein.

* Will ensure that all guests of the residents will also abide by the same set of rules and regulations.

* Will pay all residence fees and other payments promptly.

* Will use the premises only as residential accommodation.

* Will not allow any person or persons other than those registered as occupant occupy the premises, unless worked out with the front office or as otherwise authorized by the Organisation, nor will he/she sublet the premises.

* Will accept the cases of roommate/suitemate withdrawal or incompatibility, and also accept the Organization's responsibility to assign a new roommate suitemate, or to assign the remaining roommate/suitemate to another space in order to maximize occupancy.

* Will be responsible for the ordinary cleanliness of the premises including areas of common use.

* Will not indulge in use of tobacco in any form including smoking in any part of the premises of the organization.

* Will not consume alcohol or any other intoxicant in any form in any part of the premises of the organization.

* Will follow the simple dress code prescribed by the organization, and will wear at all times dresses that are culturally acceptable, and will maintain a decent dress code at all places of residency.

* Will not indulge in activities of sexual or suggestive overtures with any of the colleagues, other residents, or any staff member of the organization.

* Will not keep or allow any pet.

* Will not make any alterations or additions, or change in any way the premises without the written consent of the organisation.

* Will not remove any furniture or furnishings from the premises or common area of the residence (No storage is available in the building beyond that provided in the individual residence.)

* Will notify the Organisation immediately of any damage to the premises during the period of the Agreement.

* Will allow the Organisation, its employees and maintenance staff at reasonable times to enter and inspect the state of repair of the premises and to undertake such repairs, alterations, or maintenance as the Organisation may be required to make by law. Except in the case of emergency, such entry shall be made during daylight hours and, where possible, reasonable notice of the approximate time of entry will be given by the Organisation. The resident agrees that the Organisation will inspect the premises, from time to time as deemed necessary.

* Will conduct himself/herself and require other persons on the premises to conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause a disturbance or nuisance or interfere in the occupancy or peaceful atmosphere of building. . The Resident will be responsible for damage caused by the willful or negligent act of the Resident or of any person whom they permit on the premises. The resident will assume a collective responsibility for the damages that may occur to common areas within the Organisation, which he resides if such damage cannot be attributed to specific individuals.

* Will leave the premises at the end of the period of agreement in the same condition as when he/she took possession except for reasonable wear and tear expected.

* Will not possess/store or in any other way hold or use on the premises any firearm or any burning fluid / chemicals / oils / gunpowder / firecracker or any other explosive / flammable / dangerous / offensive or illegal substances or things except those things of normal use or fire tested.

* Will accept the jurisdiction of the Director of the Institute.

* Will comply with fire safety policy and procedures including participation in fire alarm and drills

* Will comply with all bylaws of the city of Mysuru and other lawful authorities affecting the premises and occupancy there of including all State laws and Federal laws prohibiting the possession or use or sale of illegal drugs The Organisation hereby cautions and warns all residents in their best interests that violation of drug law can result in resident eviction from residence without further warning and other legal action.

* Will indemnify the Organization from all liabilities for which the Organisation will or may become liable by reason of any breach by the resident of any term or provision of this agreement or by reason by a death or injury or damage resulting from or suffered by any person or any property by reason of the act, neglect or default of the Resident or his family or guest.

* Will allow the Organization to contact the resident's parents or next of kin in case of emergency. *

I have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined in the Residents' Handbook. I hereby agree to abide by all the stipulations

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