Global Service Learning Program, Cornell University

Global Service Learning Program, Cornell University

Sudarshan S ,15 July 2020

       The Global Service Learning Program hosted by VIIS (SVYM) for Cornell University provided a great opportunity to learn and evolve in an innovative way post-COVID-19 crisis as the entire internship program was transacted on virtual platforms.
        Eighteen spirited students enrolled for the internship program wherein they opted to take up assignments in various areas such as Health, Education, Disability, Community development, Organization Management and Research. The students immersed themselves in their projects picking up inputs from contextual sources and explored innovative ways online to interact with their mentors and get a virtual experience. The internship has thus been a learning curve both for the students and team SVYM.
        Webinars on relevant topics such as the perspectives of Global Service-Learning, Labour economics, Tribal empowerment through SVYM interventions, Socio-economic empowerment programs at SVYM, HR practices in NGOs, Position of women in India Family & Marriage, by experts added significant value to the contextual understanding of the interns and their projects as well. The final presentations from the participants were held on 13th & 14th of July, to conclude this unique Internship program on virtual platforms.

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