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Summer Study of Music, Dance & Yoga in India

Summer Study of Music, Dance & Yoga in India

Admin ,18 September 2018

       Summer Program for The University of Michigan participants at VIIS gave them a slice of cultural experience and south India’s musical heritage. 6 Participants accompanied by Professor Stephen Rush learnt Carnatic classical music, dance and yoga in the Month of June. This program began in the year 2008 and has hosted 110 students in 10 batches till date. This year the students took the classical lessons from Vidushi Rajalaxmi, Vidwan Ramanujan, Vidwan Mysore A.Chandan Kumar, Dr. M.A. Jayashree& Vidushi Kripa Phadke. They also amazed the audience during their final Vocal, Mridanga, Yoga Chanting, Flute and Bharatanatyam performance with perfect harmony of Swara, Raga and Tala thereby proving that music and dance has been a universal language.

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