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International Internship hosted for Allegheny College students

International Internship hosted for Allegheny College students

VIIS ,15 September 2017

       Prof. Juvia Heuchert, Professor of Psychology and Prof. Steven Onyeiwu, Professor of Economics, led a team of 3 students from Allegheny College on an Internship program this year with SVYM. VIIS hosted the program for the fourth consecutive year.
        The students spent the first two weeks of their stay learning about some aspects of India, including culture, and contemporary political and economic situation. They got an overview of health care in India, women and health and the effects of globalization on health from an Indian perspective. They visited some historical and cultural sites in and around Mysore & North India. The students were engaged in internships at Vivekananda Memorial Hospital at Sargur, Prerepana and Palliative Care program of SVYM Mysuru. The students did their projects on developing a case study on documenting cases of self-harm survivors at VMH, and assess their current status on mental health, Impact study on the slum developing project and editing case sheets for patient care home visits by the nurses and health facilitators.

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