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Talk on Indian Crows

Talk on Indian Crows

Admin ,16 March 2017

       Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies (VIIS) had organized a talk titled “Indian Crows in an Urban Context: Writing the environmental history of a companionate species" by Prof. Paul Greenough.
        Paul R. Greenough is emeritus Professor of Modern Indian History and of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa, US
        Prof. Paul Greenough who is also the advisor for VIIS has a special interest and studied the decline of the common Indian house crow, a native species and India's most persistent companionate species which have always flourished side by side with humans in villages and cities. Using the archival resources of social history, the observational methods of ethnography, and the philosophical premises of post-humanism, his talk tried to explore the distressed reactions in India to the bird’s disappearance as well as the unexpected resurgence of house crow colonies in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Prof. Paul stressed the consequences of biodiversity loss in India and an effort to mobilize opinion against mindless habitat destruction in urban areas.
        The talk triggered the audience reflection on the cultural notions that are connected to the household crows in everyday life and the possible reasons for their decrease in number.

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